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Alan Green: Capello probably needs as many games as he can get

You'd think with no European Championship to play in 'England' just might have seen the sense of taking the summer off but, no, the United States are at Wembley on Wednesday night and then there's a wholly idiotic game to play in Trinidad.

To be fair, Fabio Capello probably needs as many games as he can get to decide what constitutes his best eleven and how they're going to play. The World Cup qualifiers will be on us before we know it.

And unlike other silly end of season fixtures that I've known - the 'tour'of the US three years ago was like being on holiday - the Italian is making sure the players take things very seriously. There'll be no opting out courtesy of fictitious injuries. Miss these games, on spurious grounds, and you won't be required in September.

And there's the matter of deciding who'll be Capello's captain. Rio Ferdinand did seem to be favourite but John Terry's made up significant ground. So, maybe matches are worthwhile . . . but Trinidad?

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