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Argentine footballer falls out of window while celebrating a goal on FIFA 15

Jack de Menezes

Argentina striker Thomas Conechny fell out of a hotel window… because he became over-excited during a game of FIFA 15.

The Argentina Under-17s international was on a holiday in Paraquay in order to celebrate his 17th birthday, ahead of this year’s Under-17 World Cup which begins in October.

We all know the feeling of scoring a late winner on FIFA 15 to condemn your best friend to an agonising defeat, and have no hesitations in busting out a celebration or two just to make sure they know who’s boss when it comes to the world of the games console.

However, while enjoying a game of FIFA 15 with a friend, Conechny leaped backwards in excitement only to plunge 10ft to the ground after falling out of the hotel window.

Miraculously, Conechny lived to tell the tale, having suffered heavy bruising as well as twisting both ankles in the fall. He was treated on the scene by staff at the hotel who witnessed the entire fall, and was latest taken to hospital for further checks.

"I was laying tables in the restaurant when I saw this body hit the ground outside,” said 25-year-old hotel worker Fabian Puente.

"I was completely shocked and ran outside to see what had happened. The kid was lying on the floor and was clearly in a lot of pain.

"Luckily, I am trained in first aid so I quickly checked to see how badly injured he was.

"Fortunately, apart from a couple of twisted ankles and a few cuts and bruises he was okay. He was in shock more than anything else.

"But it’s lucky he was on the first floor and not a higher one otherwise he could have died."

A hotel spokesman added: "The unfortunate incident happened because he leaned too hard against the window.

"We ask all our guests to avoid leaning against windows."

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