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Baa humbug! Healy guns for Swedes

By Paul Ferguson

This could turn out to be a very baaaaaad idea on Sweden's part - making Northern Ireland's leading goalscorer David Healy angry before a crucial Euro 2008 qualifier.

And the Swedes will only have themselves to blame if he responds in the best possible way, by scoring goals.

For a Swedish newspaper decided to poke fun at Northern Ireland and our leading goalscorer Healy by superimposing his face onto a sheep's head and running with the headline - " Lambs to the Slaughter".

Healy, whose two goals in Belfast helped topple mighty Sweden, will now use the picture and article as an added incentive to embarrass the Swedes again tomorrow night.

As a proud Northern Ireland man he isn't at all amused about the total lack of respect.

Healy said: "Seeing your face pictured on a sheep is a bit strange as it's not really happened to me before.

"But if that's the way they feel they are underestimating us but then again I suppose that's understandable.

"They are expecting us to lose after the last two games but you should never underestimate the underdog - especially us."

Boss Nigel Worthington plans to show all his players the front page in the dressing room before kick-off on Wednesday night.

And they will be fired up for a match against the group leaders - a side who haven't lost at home since 2004.

Healy insists that after last month's disappointment he expects Northern Ireland to respond in style, even without his number one provider Keith Gillespie. "We'll probably win this one two or three nil knowing our record!

"Seriously though, you can never write us off especially coming to a place like this. I wouldn't be surprised if we did get a result because you can be assured we will be giving everything. As for myself, I can deal with the expectation on my shoulders."

You certainly can't pull the wool over David's eyes?

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