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Burley’s nephew in blast at ‘thick’ Scots

Some of Scotland's players were “too thick” to understand George Burley's coaching methods, according his nephew, Craig.

The dismissal came in the wake of Saturday's 3-0 friendly defeat in Wales.

“It's not as if we were playing England or Brazil or France, it was Wales and it was unacceptable from the manager's and players' point of view,” said Craig.

“I don't think what he wanted to do got across to some players and also I think some of them are too thick to take it on board and not good enough to take it on board anyway, to be perfectly honest with you.

“But he can look at most of the players in the eye and ask if they did a good job for him and I don't think there are many, if any, who can say, 'Yes, I did'.”

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