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Dunphy: Roy Keane is an a***hole for blaming players after Ireland's World Cup exit

Broadcaster lays into former captain

Eamon Dunphy has branded Roy Keane an "a***hole" for blaming Shay Given and Paul McShane for Ireland's World Cup exit in Paris.

And Dunphy, who penned Keane's controversial autobiography in 2003, claimed the former Irish captain and Manchester United hero was still "dining out" on the infamous Saipan row, which saw Keane quitting the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan before the tournament kicked off.

Dunphy was attending a party in Residence members club on Saturday night -- and was trying to put the French defeat and Thierry Henry's 'Hand of Gaul' antics behind them.

The broadcaster was buying rounds of drinks for bemused revellers, and also performed a string of songs on the third floor of the swish venue.

But he didn't hold back when asked for his views on Roy Keane's comments on the whole fiasco where he claimed players Shay Given and Paul McShane were really to blame.

"Roy Keane is an a***hole. He doesn't know what he's talking about. It's easy for him to say that when he's not part of the Irish team any more," he said.

He went on to say how the Ipswich Town manager is "still dining out" on the whole Saipan episode and needs to move on.

Dunphy made his comments less than two days after Roy Keane berated the FAI, saying that while Irish manager Giovanni Trapattoni and the Irish fans deserved more, the organisation didn't.

He singled out FAI boss John Delaney for criticism and declared he would never take "notice of that man".

And instead of criticising Thierry Henry for his handball, Keane attempted to shift the focus onto McShane and Given for letting the ball bounce in the area.

"I'd be more annoyed with my defenders and my goalkeeper than Thierry Henry," he said. "How can you leave a ball to bounce in the six-yard box? How can you let Thierry Henry get goalside of you? If the ball bounces into the six-yard box, I'd be saying, 'Where the hell is my goalkeeper?'

"If that was my team I'd go into the dressing room and I wouldn't even mention the handball. I'd just say, 'Why didn't someone put their head on it? Where's my goalkeeper?' That's what I'd be asking."

While critical of Keane's comments, Dunphy appeared prepared to put the World Cup heartbreak behind him.

Clearly on a lads' night out, Dunphy had been to dinner in Dublin earlier in the night before popping into the Stokes Brothers' upmarket club.

After having a drink in the courtyard area, he decided it was time to take centre stage on the third floor where a pianist was performing for members.

He sang a string of songs in the packed room, including The Rose and My Way before deciding to call it a night.

Other familiar faces in the venue and enjoying his performance included top beauty Roz Lipsett, who was there with her good pal Robbie Wootton.

Source: Herald

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