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IFA faces fine over Windsor coin throwing

The Irish Football Association was last night facing a fine in the region of €50,000 after a referee’s assistant was struck by a coin thrown by a Northern Ireland supporter on Saturday evening.

Play was halted for almost five minutes as Stefan Wittberg received treatment for a head wound before, thankfully, returning to the line. Sky Sports caught the culprit on camera and the IFA are likely to use the pictures as evidence in any action taken.

The idiotic fan was ejected from Windsor Park following the ugly incident and IFA President Raymond Kennedy has reiterated it should not be blown out of proportion.

“The individual who threw the coin was identified and ejected from the ground,” said Kennedy.

“The appropriate action will now be taken against them and we totally condemn this sort of behaviour.”

The IFA’s Head of Communications and Marketing, Geoff Wilson, added: “The IFA was extremely disappointed by the actions of one fan, but what must be remembered is that this was an isolated incident and the vast majority of our supporters are fantastic.”

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