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IFA in the sin-bin again

Irish FA chiefs set themselves up for further ridicule last night with a suggestion to football’s rulemakers to consider imposing sin-bins for yellow-card offenders.

The Irish FA are behind the plan and are submitting the item for discussion to the International Football Board meeting, at Newcastle’s Slieve Donard Hotel on February 28.

Irish FA president Raymond Kennedy said: "The idea is that when someone gets a card from the referee they would be sent to a sin-bin for a period of time, as they are in rugby.

"If their team is stupid enough to get another during that period they would be down to nine men.

"It would certainly have a marked improvement on discipline on the field, and we believe there is a certain amount of merit in it."

Kennedy pointed out that, under current rules, if a player is suspended for breaching the limit of yellow cards then it is a team he has not played against who receive the benefit of the ban.

He said: "We believe the team that the offence has been committed against should be the one that draws the benefit from the punishment. That's the basis for the discussion."

The home nations each have one vote on the IFAB and FIFA have four. Any proposal has to get at least six votes to go forward.

However, as one of many critics on website last night pointed out: "It takes a lot more to get a yellow in rugby than in football.

“You couldn't be sending somebody to the bin every time there's a yellow, it would be a farce.

“There would be players running in and out of the game more often than in ice hockey.

"Also, what if the keeper gets a yellow?

“Are you going to bring on a sub keeper like they do for the front 5 in a rugby scum? Or make one of the outfielders do it?

"There are too many differences between the games to pick a rule from one and just drop it in another."

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