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Irish FA are £190,000 richer after World Cup windfall

By Stuart McKinley

The Irish FA have landed a welcome cash bonus from last summer’s World Cup finals — even though Nigel Worthington and his players had little more than an armchair view of proceedings in South Africa.

A windfall of $300,000 (just less than £190,000) is winging its way into the Windsor Avenue coffers as a consequence of the financial success of the tournament as Spain became world champions.

Every one of Fifa’s member countries has benefited to the same extent via their Financial Assistance Programme.

But in relative terms the £190,000 is of much greater help to the IFA than the likes of England, Germany, Italy or France, to whom such a figure is merely a drop in the ocean as they generate profits of millions of pounds every year.

While the IFA is a long way from being in that bracket, the finances of Northern Ireland’s football governing body have improved greatly since the turn of the year and are set to improve further.

The new bumper sponsorship deal with car giants Vauxhall, to back all international teams, is set to provide around £5 million over the next three-and-a-half years.

The television deal with Sky Sports still has 11 months to run, but negotiations are expected to begin soon on a renewal that could net in excess of £10 million over a four-year period for both the international team and the domestic game.

A share of the profits, plus sponsorship cash and TV money from the Carling Nations Cup will also swell the bank account.

Fifa already provides financial support to the tune of $250,000 (around £160,000) to associations around the globe, but in World Cup years when revenue increases those payments to member countries also rise.

“This decision by the Fifa executive committee has been made possible thanks to the outstanding success of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which led to a very good financial result for FIFA for the entire 2007-2010 period,” the governing body said in a statement.

“The funds are to be invested first and foremost in the development of football and to enable FIFA member associations to take part in FIFA competitions.”

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