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Irish FA make profit of £400k

Northern Ireland hit the jackpot with their European Championship qualifier against Italy at Windsor Park last October — the figures revealed in accounts to be presented to the Irish FA annual meeting in Belfast later this month at which a £400,000 profit will be reported.

The Italians, former world champions, who had not played at Windsor Park since the infamous 1957 Battle of Belfast, drew a full house in a scoreless draw.

But it was a television and track deal which created the bulk of the £1.7 million revenue.

The actual TV payment was £1.3 million while ticket sales accounted for £401,682 and programme sales £13,976.

Expenditure amounted to £568,169 including ground rent to Linfield of £250,199. The net surplus amounted to £1.1 million. Not bad for a night’s work.

The Irish FA’s annual turnover totalled £11.4 million, an increase of £1 million, which was highly commendable considering the current financial climate.

Other match profits were v Morocco £730,981and Slovenia £863,940. And losses were reported on fixtures against Montenegro £114,446, Slovenia £190,581, Faroe Island £144,000, Serbia £161,316, while the United States and Chile end of season tour lost £71,885.

The accounts also reveal £614,000 financial payments for remedial work carried out at Windsor and other stadia.

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