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I’ve got the respect of England players, says John Terry

By Mark Fleming

John Terry made a defiant return as England captain yesterday claiming he should never have lost the job in the first place and inviting any England players unhappy at Fabio Capello's decision to confront him face-to-face.

At the start of yesterday’s training session, Capello announced to the squad that Terry would be replacing Rio Ferdinand as permanent captain ahead of Saturday's Euro 2012 qualifier against Wales in Cardiff.

Capello then asked the players if they had any objections to the decision, no one piped up, as Terry was at pains to point out in a press conference later.

Terry admitted the decision may not be popular with all the players, but said anyone who is unhappy should speak to him personally.

Terry said: “I'm not going to be everybody's cup of tea. There are certain players at clubs who don't get on with each other. We know that. That's life. But I would respect people if they came to me personally rather than hearing things.

“The manager pulled the group together this morning and asked if anyone had any questions and no one said a word. So I'll respect anyone who comes to me personally and we will deal with it one-on-one.”

Terry had been captain until he was sacked following allegations last February of an affair with Wayne Bridge's ex-fiancee Vanessa Perroncel.

He has been reappointed by Capello after the Italian decided Terry had been punished enough.

Speaking for the first time since regaining the captaincy, Terry also strenuously denied that he had ever attempted to cash in on his position. He was criticised in 2009 for an e-mail sent on his behalf by a PR company offering his services to potential sponsors.

“I never tried to cash in on anything. There was an issue with the statement that went out initially, that had nothing to do with me. It was a company that didn't represent me,” said Terry.

“I've never cashed in. I'm not the best looking guy anyway, so people aren't going to want me spread all over the place.”

Terry showed no sign of remorse following his 13 months without the England captaincy, repeating his claim that he should never have lost the job in the first place. He also hinted there was no chance of a reconciliation with Bridge now.

Terry said: “When I met Fabio at Wembley (in February last year), I looked him in the eye and said he'd get nothing less from me, which I feel is what I've done. Maybe he looked at that in me.

“I didn't agree with the decision, which I told him face-to-face, but I said I respected the decision and I'll continue to work hard.

“I could understand it a little bit, but I just felt I didn't deserve to lose the armband.”

The decision to reappoint Terry comes with both Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard sidelined with injury. Frank Lampard was the captain for last month's friendly in Denmark, but when he was substituted the armband was passed first to Ashley Cole and then Gareth Barry, despite Terry being on the pitch. Capello has since decided it is time for Terry to return.

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