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Miami 'no' a big blow to David Beckham's MLS hopes

By Donny Mahoney

David Beckham's hopes for an MLS team in Miami have been dealt a blow after the city shot down proposals to build a football stadium on a boat slip near the Miami Heat's AmericanAirlines Arena.

Miami mayor Tomas Regalado and city manager Daniel Alfonso are understood to have given the potential location the thumbs-down, saying it would not be a good fit.

The boat slip had been the second possible location for the arena for Beckham's group, after opposition took their first option — a corner of PortMiami — off the table.

The latest setback has put into doubt the future of the franchise.

“Our team's going to pause,” said John Alschuler, Beckham's real-estate adviser.

 “They're going to consider all alternatives and look forward to constructive engagement.”

Beckham may ultimately have to look to another city to realise his dream of having a soccer franchise in the United States.

 Meanwhile Jurgen Klinsmann, the American national team coach, is being pilloried for admitting what everyone knows — that the US will not win the World Cup.

American sport is about dreaming the impossible dream, but the irate reaction to Klinsmann's realism shows that, quietly, America is beginning to expect.

With a strong Germany team, Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Portugal and their bogey team Ghana in the group, a place in the last 16 would be considered a great success for the United States.

“We cannot win this World Cup, because we are not at that level yet,” said Klinsmann.

“Realistically, it is not possible.”

Klinsmann, however, has different thoughts when it comes to his native Germany.

“Germany’s a side that can win the World Cup, is among the top three right now in the world and it’s also a very special generation,” he said.

“That generation has to put the dot on the i to make the final step to win a competition like that.”

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