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‘Pensioner’ Fabio Capello confirms he’ll quit England in 2012

Fabio Capello has said that he will not stay in the England manager's job beyond the end of Euro 2012, should his team qualify for the tournament.

The Italian even joked that he will be a “pensioner” in two years time when, at the age of 66, his contract with the FA will expire.

He is signed up to take England through the tournament should they make it there but beyond then the FA have promised that his successor will be English.

Asked on Tuesday about his contract, Capello said that he intended to leave after Euro 2012. He said: “We have to qualify first. I will be too old [after that]. I want to live like a pensioner.”

Capello has intimated he may be about to change his captain again and install Steven Gerrard permanently. Asked whether the Liverpool skipper could get the job on a full-time basis Capello said: “Another question. For me the performance of the player is important not the armband.”

Previously, Capello dismissed out of hand the prospect that Gerrard could take over. Pressed on the issue, he said: “It is not a priority for me. The players, the performance, the next game [is the priority]. We have six points. Now we have to play Montenegro. The armband is not important.”

Capello said the mood in the camp has changed since the disappointment of the World Cup.

“When we finished after the Germany game the atmosphere was not so good. It is important that we created a new group with a winning mentality because I understood immediately when these players trained what they can do.”

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