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President Kennedy could be voted out after Wells’ pay-out fiasco

Members of the Irish Football Association Council are preparing to turn up the heat on President Raymond Kennedy over the sacking of former chief executive Howard Wells.

And Kennedy’s two-and-a-half year reign as President of the Irish FA is facing a premature end after Wells won a six-figure pay-off in an out-of-court settlement of his claim for unfair dismissal.

Kennedy will face the council when it meets next month and he can expect a bumpy ride.

It is understood that members of the council, who backed the move at the time, are now questioning the handling of Wells’ exit from Windsor Avenue, with the Irish FA facing a bill of some £500,000, including legal costs.

And they want answers to why the association has now had to hand Wells a significant sum of money if Kennedy felt there were suitable grounds to sack him 13 months ago.

It is a financial hit that the association could do without, especially given that a profit of just £60,000 was made in the last financial year and Kennedy will have to work hard if he is to remain in his position.

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