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Racism row as Brazilian star claims abuse by Scottish fans

Brazil 2 Scotland 0: Brazil star Neymar was last night at the centre of a racism row after a banana was thrown on to the field during his country's 2-0 victory over Scotland at the Emirates Stadium.

The incident took place as the 19-year-old was preparing to take his successful 77th-minute penalty, his second goal of the game.

Speaking afterwards, Neymar accused some spectators of racially abusing him, a claim also made by team-mate Lucas Leiva, who television pictures reportedly showed retrieving the banana.

Neymar, who opened the scoring for Brazil three minutes before the interval, said: “I feel great and scored two but what happened with the banana is sad.

“I don't want to make a big deal of it. I was running down the touchline in the second half and saw it but I didn't see where it came from. The entire stadium was jeering. This atmosphere of racism is totally sad.”

Scottish Football Association president George Peat, who was unaware of the incident, condemned any such action.

He added: “That's a sad state if that's true. I certainly didn't hear anything at all about that. That's an extremely unusual incident.”

Tartan Army spokesman Hamish Husband strongly denied the jeering of Neymar was racially motivated. He said: “The reason Neymar was booed was because we believed he was feigning injury.

“Racism has no place in the Tartan Army, and if it did, it would be stamped out immediately, because we are self-policing.

“Any suggestion of racism from the Tartan Army today, as far as I am concerned, is absolute tosh.”

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