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Raheem Sterling must deal with the jeers: Hodgson

Roy Hodgson warned Raheem Sterling that he will have to get used to the kind of hostile treatment he received yesterday from the Republic of Ireland fans in Dublin , where his every touch was booed.

The 20-year-old forward was given the same treatment by Stoke City supporters in his last game of the season for Liverpool - and his own club's fans have also shown their discontent in patches over his unwillingness to sign a new contract.

The booing in Ireland, during a dismal 0-0 friendly draw, appeared to be motivated by a similar distaste at the way his future has played out at Liverpool.

Sterling was replaced after 66 minutes by Andros Townsend and declined to speak after the game. Hodgson said that the player's performance was being affected by the criticism over his contract stand-off.

"I think he's going through a bad time publicly," he said.

"You can't expect people just to shrug off the criticism he has been receiving, not least from the local media in Liverpool. That becomes national pretty quickly. He does ever so well and tries well to shrug it off.

"He needed this game to realise that, if he is going to get it out of his system, he's going to have to work harder still and get a thicker skin than he has at the moment."

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