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There aren't any problems on the cards IFA tells Northern Ireland fans


Concerns: IFA chief Jim Shaw says cards will be distributed

Concerns: IFA chief Jim Shaw says cards will be distributed

Concerns: IFA chief Jim Shaw says cards will be distributed

The Irish Football Association has been in contact with Northern Ireland fans to reassure them that their ‘Campaign Cards’ for the Euro 2016 qualifiers at Windsor Park will arrive tomorrow or Thursday of this week.

Supporters have contacted the Irish FA and Belfast Telegraph to highlight their fears over the slow distribution of the cards with the Faroe Islands clash on Saturday night fast approaching.

The ‘Campaign Cards’, which replace the block booking ticket scheme of previous campaigns, are being distributed through Ticketmaster, but some groups of fans, who have to allocate large numbers of tickets to individuals, have endured an anxious wait.

Gary McAllister, spokesman for the Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland  Supporters’ Clubs, says the Irish FA have offered reassurances.

“We understand that the Irish FA have just emailed those who have applied for cards and assured the lead person who applied that two batches of tickets will be sent out and arrive by Wednesday or Thursday,” he said.

“From our point of view we have been working closely with the IFA on this issue and there is some disappointment that the cards are being issued so late.

“Some people waiting for the cards have to distribute them to a large number of people and that’s when problems can arise.

“I think, on reflection, there will be the conclusion that this situation could have been handled better.

“Fans have raised their concerns and this issue has needed to be addressed.”

IFA president Jim Shaw said he hoped fans would receive their cards as soon as possible.

“I’ve spoken to a few supporters who have been waiting for the cards and this is a new venture we have become involved in,” said Shaw.

“The stadium refurbishment has thrown up a lot of ticketing issues, but the 8,000 block bookers were given an opportunity to sign up to the Campaign Cards.

“Fans should get their cards this week and we will take on board any concerns they have going forward.”

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