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Watch: Martin O'Neill and RTÉ's Tony O'Donoghue have ANOTHER frosty exchange at UEFA Nations League draw



Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill


Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill was involved in another tense exchange with RTÉ soccer correspondent Tony O'Donoghue after the draw for the UEFA Nations League in Lausanne, Switzerland this morning.

Ireland will face familiar foes in the tournament after being drawn against Ryan Giggs' Wales and the the team that defeated us heavily in last November's World Cup play-off, Denmark.

O'Neill faced the media after the draw for the first time since signing a new two-year deal with FAI yesterday.

O'Donoghue's attempts to quiz O'Neill on his period of reflection over his future, in which he was offered a job by Stoke City, and the stinging criticism directed at him after the failure to qualify for the World Cup led to a frosty exchange between the pair.

It follows on from the now infamous clash after the play-off defeat to Denmark. That night, the exchange climaxed when, after pleading with O'Donoghue to let him finish, O'Neill said the journalist's "argument is back and forward".

If you haven't seen it, let's begin with the post-Denmark clash (fast forward to the last minute for the tetchy exchange):


And the pair came face to face again this morning. After O'Donaghue asks if it is correct that O'Neill was stung by post-Denmark criticism, the boss responds "Before we did our interview, you actually said to me 'hard luck'. What did you mean by that? You weren't being disingenuous about that were you?"

O'Donaghue asks later on if O'Neill was surprised at the overall reaction to the Denmark defeat. "I thought you just asked me that question before? I thought I'd answered it. Everyone to their own," was the reply.

Here's how the whole thing went:


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