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World football laughing at Three Lions, say Shearer and Ferdinand

Sam Allardyce's behaviour has made England the laughing stock of world football, former Three Lions skippers Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand claimed.

Shearer said: "I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm staggered at the misjudgment from a guy who openly admitted that it was his dream job. He wanted that job so badly, so to make such a huge error so early into the job, then you can't look at anyone else but yourself."

Asked if there is a problem with money in the English game, Shearer added: "Yeah, we've got a problem. It's greed.

"There's so much money in our game and it staggers belief that people demand and ask for more - that's the situation we're in I'm afraid. It's certainly not a nice situation.

"We have to handle that now, we have to deal with it in the right way.

"We have to be able to accept people laughing at us. I think England are now a laughing stock."

Ferdinand added: "The rest of the football community around the world will just be laughing at us.

"This is the man who was probably the most vocal about getting the England job, the most passionate outwardly about getting the England job, but unfortunately he's backed the FA into a corner and they've had to act because of his actions.

"Like we've said before, naivety seems to be the word that's coming up more than anything and it's just disappointing for English football more than anything.''

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