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Irish Cup: Coleraine's Bradley wants to give Linfield double dose of blues

By Alex Mills

Eoin Bradley believes lightning can strike twice in today's Tennent's Irish Cup Final at Windsor Park. The 33-year-old striker was instrumental in helping Glenavon defeat Linfield at Windsor Park to win the glittering prize 12 months ago and he's now plotting another raid on domestic football's top knockout trophy.

This time Bradley, known to his team-mates as 'Skinner', has swapped the blue of Glenavon for the stripes of Coleraine, but he's determined to enjoy a similar outcome.

He may have played a mere 45 out of a possible 270 minutes of late - due to suspension - however, he has already been gripped by Cup Final fever.

The former Derry GAA player from Kilrea is a man for the big occasion and he is relishing walking out at the international arena in front of a bumper Cup Final crowd of more than 11,000.

"This is what we are in the game for," insists Bradley. "The tension is already building at the club and in the town.

"I sampled what it was all about last season when I was at Glenavon. It was a fantastic day and I'm talking about the build-up even before the final itself.

"And, of course, we got the result we wanted. Linfield certainly started very well, but once we scored, it seemed to knock the stuffing out of them.

"Can lightning strike twice?

"Well, why not. It's a cup final, a two horse race.

"It's basically down to whatever team wants it most on the day."

An Irish Cup Final appearance appeared to be well off Bradley's radar when he sustained an horrific injury against Portadown back in January, puncturing a lung and fracturing ribs after colliding with a post.

It was reckoned his season was over, but he quipped: "Thankfully, I'm a quick healer.

"I was back in the gym within three weeks and was back playing again within six or seven weeks," he added.

Bradley believes the Bannsiders will need to bring their 'A' game to Windsor Park as David Healy's boys have practically flattened everything in front of them since the turn of the year and are now unbeaten in 18 games.

Ironically, their only defeat came back in January when Jordan Allen's goal earned Coleraine a 1-0 win at Windsor Park.

And, it was no strange coincidence it was Bradley's first game back in a Coleraine shirt after rejoining the club following a two year stint with the Lurgan Blues.

"You have to give credit where it is due," he added. "Linfield have been in an unbelievable run of form.

"To pull back a nine point lead on Crusaders was an astonishing feat in itself.

"And, once they reached the top of the table, they had the bottle to go and finish the job in the final game of the campaign at Cliftonville last weekend.

"They are the form team, there is no doubt about that. They'll be big favourites in the final, but we are happy enough with that.

"They've the league title already in the bag, so hopefully they've been doing a bit of over-celebrating this week."

Regardless of the outcome, Bradley insists it has been a successful season for the north west boys.

"We've already secured our place in European football, which is a massive bonus for the club," added Bradley.

"We've finished in third place in the league, we are in Europe and we've an Irish Cup final to negotiate.

"The European qualification earns the club big financial rewards and hopefully some of it will be given to Oran (Kearney) to bring in a few players to strengthen the squad.

"This is a great group of players at the club.

"The young boys have come of age this season and they are already relishing the prospect of playing in the final," said Bradley.

"It's the biggest day on the local calendar and it's great to be part of it."

Bradley insists the battle for a first team shirt is now on, adding: "I have been out for a few games, but got a run-out against Ballymena United last week.

"It was always in the plan that I would play only half a game.

"It's a bit unfortunate that Davy Kee can't play in the final.

"He's still currently on loan from Linfield, which is a big disappointment for him.

"A few of the boys are suffering from a few little niggles, but everyone will be raring to go, make no mistake about that.

"The club is buzzing, the town is buzzing.

"It's all set up for a great day, so hopefully we can get the result we want."

Meanwhile, former Linfield player Steven Douglas is not making any retirement plans with Coleraine's young guns giving him a new lease of life.

"I'm 39 but the lads are making me feel much younger," he said.

"I'm not ready to hang the boots up yet - there's Glenn Ferguson who played into his 40s and I'm just appreciative of everything I have achieved.

"To be looking forward to an Irish Cup Final and European football is a special feeling. There's been a lot of life after Linfield for me.

"The Blues will be hard to beat, they are deserved champions and the best team in the league.

"They will be big favourites but we'll give them a game.

"But the Blues had to work hard for their title win and we have beaten them this season. They know they are not invincible.

"They didn't turn up in last year's final so that's extra motivation for them but our lads will relish the challenge and it's a one-off game," said Douglas.

"In our league the team at the bottom can beat the one at the top on any given day," he added.


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