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Irish League 'would consider return to fold for Derry City' men


NIFL Managing Director Andrew Johnston

NIFL Managing Director Andrew Johnston

Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

NIFL Managing Director Andrew Johnston

Derry have been a successful club since moving to the League of Ireland 30 years ago. In relation to them ever making a return to play in the Irish League, there hasn't been a view taken on it by us.

We would only take a view on it if overtures were made from Derry City.

With the make up of our company, all the clubs are shareholders and it would be the clubs who would ultimately make that decision.

Any major decisions or alterations to the League would have to go to an AGM and if Derry were to ever consider approaching us about entering the League, it would have to be as a new member.

The Northern Ireland Football League have restructure elements and plans that we are pressing ahead with at the moment.

If Derry City were to express an interest in joining our League in the future, we would have to consider what level they would come in at, how they would make the transition from the League of Ireland to ours and the impact on our current members.

In the past, there have been concerns about Derry City playing Irish League teams but I do believe football in Northern Ireland has come a long way in recent years.

If an interest was there from Derry City to look at coming into the Northern Ireland Football League, it is something we would consider.

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