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All-Ireland League was certainly an intriguing concept worth exploring but final decision had to be in best interest of clubs

Stephen Craigan

By Stephen Craigan

I think that the proposed new All-Ireland League sounds like an exciting prospect in theory.

It's different for one, potentially more finance would be available, full-time football could be on the agenda and there's the chance for our clubs to test themselves against the best on the island of Ireland.

What I have to point out is that not every idea is viable or acceptable to all - as the IFA have shown by announcing they are opposed to the plans. It is, however, good to be open-minded and receptive to change, although maintaining what is best for our clubs as a whole has to be at the forefront of any decision.

We will always be stronger as a unit and self-preservation has to be taken out of the equation for the greater good of Irish League football.

If the best thing is to remain with the current status quo then fine but discussion and ambition are helpful to bring about improvement for our game.

The debate around Rangers and Celtic moving to England raises its head every now and again but it never gets beyond the rumours stage.

Like the All-Ireland League, I'm sure it has its supporters but ultimately there's too many obstacles in the way.

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Our game is in as good a place as it's been for a few years and we want it to get even better. Let's hope that it does.

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