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Bangor’s decision makes life easier all for the rest

The team that finishes bottom of the Irish FA Premiership in May has been saved from automatic relegation into intermediate football.

With Bangor pulling out of the Domestic Licence scheme which gives entry to the top flight, a maximum of 11 current Premiership clubs will be eligible next season.

The IFA Premiership Interim Board have acted swiftly on the matter of promotion and relegation and decided that whoever finishes in 11th place will also be saved from having to fight it out to maintain their status via a play-off.

The decision of the Interim Board means:

  • The IFA Championship winners will replace Bangor in the IFA Premiership.
  • The runners up in the IFA Championship shall contest a play-off against the 12th placed team in the IFA Premiership unless such team happens to be Bangor FC. In such circumstances the play-off shall be contested between the runners up in the IFA Championship and the 11th placed team in the IFA Premiership.
  • In the event of the IFA Championship winners not acquiring a Domestic Club Licence the runners up in the IFA Championship shall replace Bangor FC in the IFA Premiership.
  • Only in the event of neither the winners nor runners up not having a Domestic Club Licence the vacancy available in the IFA Premiership shall be filled by the next highest placed club in the IFA Championship holding a Domestic Club Licence.

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