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Belfast Celtic Historical Society are up for name change: McAllister


By Graham Luney

Sport and Leisure Swifts manager Pat McAllister has insisted that the Belfast Celtic Historical Society are firmly behind the move to rename the club after the famous old team.

The west Belfast club have announced their intention to change their name to Belfast Celtic Football Club.

One of the biggest teams in Irish football before they folded in 1949, Belfast Celtic were the dominant force in the west of the city and this radical proposal is aimed at revitalising the game in that part of Belfast.

Former Donegal Celtic boss McAllister said: "The Belfast Celtic Society approached us first, it wasn't a case of us trying to claim their name.

"The general consensus is it would be madness not to try it. Our club was asked would we like to take the name on.

"Sport and Leisure Swifts have looked at it as an exciting challenge and I think it's a massive opportunity. People should welcome it and embrace change. Everything the club is hearing is positive.

"This could give the Irish League a lift and who knows where it could end up.

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"There's a determination to get Belfast Celtic up and running. We will see if the name can be changed.

"It's also not about taking fans away from Cliftonville or anyone else. There is a market there for a new club. In the early days of Donegal Celtic we could see that.

"Let's give the youth of west Belfast a team to support. No-one will take away another clubs' fans."

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