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Drama right down to the wire


Carrick Rangers manager Gary Haveron

Carrick Rangers manager Gary Haveron

Carrick Rangers manager Gary Haveron

The boys have trained hard this week and we are raring to go. I’m really excited. Whenever you start to play football these are the games you want to be involved in — matches that mean something, the big games.

People wrote us off this season but we kept fighting and managed to accumulate enough points to give us a fighting chance of staying in this league.

That’s what it’s all about. We want to be in the Danske Bank Premiership as everything else is a poor second. As a manager I want to test myself against the best and my players want to take on the best players in the country.

This isn’t an ideal scenario for us but we have a great opportunity to stay in the top-flight. Win the game and we will be off the bottom of the table. There’s nothing complicated about what we need to do — produce one more big performance and get the victory.

People will highlight our win over Crusaders at home recently but we have been playing good football in a lot of matches and late goals have just floored us. I felt the boys didn’t get the rewards they deserved in many games.

I know what we are capable of and if the boys perform the way I know they can today, I’ll be a very happy man.

The players will give me everything and I can’t ask for more than that.

Games have been shifted this season because of the condition of our playing surface and the unfortunate reality is that it has cost us points.

It’s been a difficult campaign for that reason but it could end with our ultimate goal being achieved. All four teams involved are desperate to stay in the Premiership but somebody must miss out.

We’ve also had the Portadown disciplinary case but I never had the feeling they would be relegated over that.

We don’t want favours from anyone. We want to earn our place in this league ourselves.

If we manage to stay in the top-flight I feel it would be an even bigger achievement than our treble-winning season last year.

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