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Cash flow not huge problem, say Glentoran

Glentoran board member Stafford Reynolds has admitted staff at the club have been late in receiving their wages, but expects the situation to be resolved very soon.

It has been reported that wages haven’t been paid for around five weeks but Reynolds has stated that due to the fact that club salaries are distributed on a monthly basis, this amounts to a late payment of around a week.

Reynolds has apologised for the matter, which he says has come about because, what he described as a substantial cheque has yet to be received by the club.

“All staff are paid on a monthly basis — there is no selectivity, that goes for the groundsman, the secretary, the manager, the players — everyone,” said Reynolds. “So when it is reported that we haven’t paid people for five weeks, it is automatically assumed that we have missed five weeks of payments. That is definitely not the case.

“Unfortunately a substantial cheque which I was expecting has not yet reached us, and as such we are late with paying the staff’s wages, which of course we apologise for. We are in the close season and because of that have little income being generated so unfortunately we, like most people in any walk of life, are getting it tough.

“I will meet with the players (tonight) and by then I will be in a better position to tell them when they will be paid, but I expect it to be soon.”

Meanwhile, Mark Dickson is poised to sign for Championship One side Ards.

The injury-ravaged striker has left Crusaders and feels he can’t play to the level he would like in the top flight.

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