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Cliftonville manager Patterson left in a rage at refs


Eddie Patterson

Eddie Patterson

Eddie Patterson

Angry Cliftonville manager Eddie Patterson has seen red over over a string of recent decisions which he claims have gone against his team.

And the Solitude boss — who also claimed that he has video evidence which proves referees have made incorrect calls against the Reds in a number of games — is preparing for even more decisions to go against them, to the extent that he has turned his attention to working on how his players can keep a lid on their frustrations with officials who get it wrong.

Patterson was so enraged with a decision which saw George McMullan sent-off against Coleraine last weekend that he considered his position at the club, but he will be in the dugout tomorrow afternoon when Cliftonville face Ballymena United.

“I don’t feel that we are getting fair treatment,” claimed Patterson.

“I can point to six or seven games in which there have been penalty incidents — in both boxes — which have gone against us which were wrong and cards given to my players for things that players in other teams have got away with.

“We’ve had Chris Scannell booked for diving instead of penalties being given and that’s not Chris Scannell.

“We have proof, video evidence of decisions that have gone against us and witnesses to certain incidents that shows what we are saying is true.”

Patterson — who has spent a fair bit of time watching matches from the stand rather than the bench — will now take a different approach to dealing with injustices against his team.

“I’ve told the players that they are going to have to get on with it, even though decisions will go against us — even when they are crystal clear,” said Patterson.

“I can point to penalty incidents in recent matches, penalties which we should have been given and weren’t and penalties given against us for nothing.

“I won’t let referees and decisions they make take away from our focus on trying to win games.

“Players have been sent off recently because of their reactions to decisions. Some have vented their frustrations and things have been said which have got them yellow cards. I’ve done it myself and been sent off — although on one occasion I don’t know what I did wrong.

“We’ve got to channel that frustration and concentrate on our jobs, not what referees do.”

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