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Seydak still fears Coleraine threat

Keith Bailie

Coleraine's incredible 3-1 victory over Cliftonville at Solitude may seem like a long time ago, but Reds' stand-in captain Eamonn Seydak hasn't forgotten about it.

Back in September, under the glare of the Sky lights, an inspired Coleraine brushed Tommy Breslin's men aside, but a lot has changed since then. The Reds are now unbeaten in 12 Premiership games, while Oran Kearney's side have lost their last eight matches.

The Reds and the Bannsiders met at Solitude again today with Cliftonville six points behind leaders Linfield.

Reflecting on the last four month, defender Seydak said: "To be honest, I think Coleraine are in a false position. They're certainly not a bad team, nobody in our dressing room can believe where they are in the league, because earlier in the season they beat us 3-1 at Solitude and deservedly so.

"In fact, Coleraine are probably one of the most impressive sides we've played this season, they could have scored more against us.

"They're struggling at the moment, but they've brought Davy McDaid in, who I know well from around Derry, so I've no doubt they will get out of trouble. We are well aware of the threat they pose, so we are in for a tough game.

"But we tried not to focus on the opposition and concentrate on ourselves. At the the start of the season we were making a lot of individual errors, but we've tightened up since then. If Liam Boyce, Joe Gormley and Marty Donnelly keep up their current form, then we can beat anyone."

Seydak has taken the captain's armband in the absence of George McMullan over the Christmas period. Although the festive season is a hectic time for footballers, Seydak says he wouldn't change a thing about it.

"It is difficult for Irish League players over the Christmas period, because you can't enjoy yourself in the same way your friends do, but that's part and parcel of playing at this level. It's just one of the many sacrifices you have to make.

"I love the Christmas period games, particularly Boxing Day. The crowds are bigger and that gives all the players a lift. It's an important part of the season and it's one of my favourite times of year."

The Reds have recently recruited Antrim GAA star Kevin Niblock. Seydak believes Niblock can make an impression.

"He's strong, he's fast and he's enthusiastic, so I'm sure he will be an excellent edition to our squad."

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