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'This is my club' - Rory Donnelly re-signs with Cliftonville after five years away



In demand: Rory Donnelly

In demand: Rory Donnelly

In demand: Rory Donnelly

Cliftonville have re-signed their former striker Rory Donnelly.

Donnelly has signed a three year contract with the club.

Returning to the Reds after playing his last five seasons in England, Donnelly said he is delighted to be back and can't wait to get started.

He said: "This is my club, I had great times here before, I’ve always got on well with the fans and I only live up the street.

"Everybody will have to work hard and maybe we’ll have to find a formation that gets us all on the pitch at the same time, but so long as whoever’s picked is putting the ball in the net, that’s all that matters."

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