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Crusaders pressing on with ambitious Seaview plans



New look: Seaview stadium

New look: Seaview stadium

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New look: Seaview stadium

Crusaders are continuing with their ambitious plans to transform Seaview into a more modern football ground.

Sport may be in lockdown but when football resumes in the coming weeks or months, the Crues will maintain their drive to modify their Shore Road home.

A planning application has been submitted to Belfast City Council outlining their proposal for a new stand beside St. Vincent Street (the social club side of the ground).

The planning application states: "Replacement stand to include parking provision, changing rooms and associated required football rooms, offices on upper floors, new vehicle access off Shore Road and relocating one floodlight as previously approved under application."

The club must wait for the Sub-Regional Stadia programme to roll out following a government consultation.

Meanwhile, Crues fans have agreed to offer the north Belfast club financial help in these challenging times.

Members of the 200 Club Committee stated: "Whilst the government has promised various support packages, some of these are not available until April and the club have ongoing commitments in relation to players' wages, HMRC, VAT etc. The club therefore faces some challenging time ahead.

"Some members have suggested that donations taken at source, by standing order and any advance cash payments should be paid immediately into the club's general account to help in some small way at such a difficult time. To try to ensure that Crusaders FC continue to progress and challenge in the future, the 200 Club Committee have agreed to this suggestion."

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