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David Healy: If it’s goals you want Jermaine Beckford’s the man

I have to admit I did have some divided loyalties last Sunday when I watched the re-run of Manchester United’s FA Cup match with Leeds.

I’ve followed United since I was a kid and it was a dream to sign for them many years ago.

But I’ll always have a soft spot for Leeds after playing for them and I still have a lot of friends at the club.

To be honest, I was chuffed to bits for them when they pulled off the shock of the third round.

To go to Old Trafford and put up a fight can be difficult for many Premier League sides but for a League One team to go there and win is something very special.

When you have a striker in the form Jermaine Beckford is enjoying at the moment you will always have a chance though.

I’m sick of hearing about how lazy a player like Kris Boyd is when he scores 300 goals in three games or whatever it was and Beckford is the same.

He is a natural goalscorer and when you have one of those in your side, winning is always possible.

I see he has submitted a transfer request and I think it was only a matter of time before he looked for bigger and better things.

He scored more than 30 goals last season and is well on the way to doing it again.

Newcastle seems the likely destination for him and I have no doubt he’ll be a success wherever he ends up.

When I was at Elland Road he came to the club from non-league football and was a very quiet lad.

Since then he has proved himself as the best at that level and with confidence has come the selfishness the great goal-scorer needs.

Sometimes you need that little bit of arrogance about your game to reach the top, especially if you’re a striker.

I’m not for one second saying I’m selfish or arrogant of course, in fact some people say I don’t score goals anymore either!

Seriously though, I think Jermaine can be as good as he wants to be and stepping up a league will help his progression and if Leeds get a good fee for him, I’m sure everyone will be happy.

As for United, maybe the FA Cup exit will be a blessing in disguise come the end of the season.

We all love the FA Cup but let’s be honest, Sir Alex Ferguson probably has bigger prizes on his mind this season.

If United end the campaign without winning any silverware however, losing to a League One

side at home will be the easiest stick to beat them with. And there will be people lining up.

The line-up still had Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Michael Owen came off the bench so they had more than enough quality to win the game but let’s judge them at the end of the season, not after one cup exit.

The good news was the return of Jonny Evans.

Who knows what is going to happen with Nemaja Vidic in the future but what I do know is that Jonny is more than capable of filling his boots if he goes to Real Madrid.

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