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David Healy: Ronaldo was a World Cup failure, like so many others

There have been a lot of let downs in this World Cup.

France, Italy, England and now add Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo to the list.

I was relishing the prospect of sitting down and watching Spain v Portugal the other night but was left feeling short-changed.

Not for the first time in this tournament.

At least Spain, who won 1-0, tried to play attacking football, in contrast to Portugal who were incredibly negative.

I couldn’t believe the way they played.

They were dreadful to watch, not something you normally associate with a Portuguese side, who over the years have been all about entertainment, attack and free-flowing football.

I should have known though that it would be a terrible match having been bored out of my mind in Portugal’s scoreless draw with Brazil in the group stages.

So much for looking forward to that one.

It was probably the worst 90 minutes of the tournament.

Then there was the 0-0 draw with Ivory Coast.

Another desperate game.

Portugal actually only scored in one of their four games.

I’m glad they are out.

Ronaldo (pictured) came into the tournament believing he would leave it with everyone drooling over him, yet he hardly did anything of note.

The Real Madrid star loves being in the spotlight but didn’t shine at all.

This could have been the tournament when he showed that he and not Lionel Messi was the best player in the world, but he failed.

Just like Portugal.

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