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Fight for Coleraine star Patterson

Coleraine manager David Platt has challenged rival clubs to come through the front door if they want to snatch striker Rory Patterson away from the Showgrounds.

Patterson is the leading goalscorer in the Carling Premiership and his 19 goals this season have alerted other clubs.

As yet, however, nobody has made an approach for the 25-year-old — not officially anyway — and Platt remains hopeful that Patterson will sign a new deal.

“There are official channels clubs can go down when a player comes into the final six months of his contract,” said Platt.

“If supposedly bigger clubs can’t do that — can’t write a letter — then there isn’t much hope for the rest of us.

“That’s certainly not how I will be doing my business. I’ll do it the right and proper way.

“We have put a very good offer on the table for Rory, one that I think few other clubs can match, and the biggest advantage I have in trying to get Rory to stay is that he is here playing for me.

“A year ago nobody in the Irish League knew who Rory Patterson was, now they all want him.”

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