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Comment: It's time for Glentoran to get real, not Ronnie

By Billy Weir

I am a big fan of Gary Haveron and make no apologies for it, and those who gave him the boot yesterday should hang their heads in shame.

The club statement said that he had ‘shown unrelenting enthusiasm and commitment to the role and to securing a positive future for Glentoran. His work rate never wavered and he has been an outstanding ambassador’. That was a strange start to showing someone the door.

But not as strange as, ‘Despite strong backing for Gary’s rebuilding plans in both the summer and January transfer windows, results and performances in recent months have shown little or no improvement on the same period last season’.

Rebuilding plans? Good to see those January acquisitions were given all of three weeks to set the world on fire.

And ‘results have shown little or no improvement’? Do me a favour.

The Glens are sixth in the table and in the quarter-finals of the Irish Cup — just what else do the fans and board expect this season?

There are clearly, at least, five much better teams than them, but it is hardly surprising when they have a budget that would just about get you a 10p mix-up.

And the suggestion that now he has been ousted , the legend that is Ronnie McFall will come in until the end of the season to join Roy Coyle in a Waldorf and Statler double act is something that Jim Henson wouldn’t even have thought of.

There are some good kids coming through at The Oval, two more putting pen to paper this week, but like Gary should have had, they need time.

Have the Glens not learned anything? Alan McDonald, Eddie Patterson anyone? But then again, why are we surprised?

Local football needs a strong Glentoran, not one that panics time after time.

I have two words for you — Oran Kearney. You’d have had him out the door in the blink of an eye.

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