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Our young players will benefit greatly from US trip: Haveron

By Jim Gracey

Glentoran manager Gary Haveron, fresh from a week on the Irish FA's European Pro licence courses, will take lessons learned into the club's Detroit Cougars 50th anniversary tour match here in Motor City early tomorrow (12.30am UK time).

Haveron completed the first stage of his next level coaching badge, a requirement for managing in European competition, at Shaw's Bridge last week on IFA run courses so highly regarded that top players from across Europe flock annually to gain their coaching qualifications.

Now Haveron aims to call on the experience to further the education of his young innocents abroad, the most inexperienced Glens team in the club's history.

"The Pro licence course couldn't have been more timely," said Haveron. "We learned about preparing and recovering from European matches and playing in different time zones.

"It's all about striking the right balance between rest periods, training and playing games.

"Our young players, especially, have no experience of adjusting to time differences so here it is all about ensuring they get the right amount of sleep after our 18 hour journey here and also what and when they eat.

"Some say it is best to keep watches and body clocks set to the time zone you are used to but five hours over a few days is not a huge difference so we have gradually got them into line with US time with normal eating, training and sleeping patterns so they don't lack energy for the game."

Detroit City are an unknown quantity for Haveron, though they would appear to be relatively young and inexperienced, and a shade fitter, for the start of their season.

All 16 squad players will be used, Haveron said.

"I haven't brought players all this way to keep them on the bench," he insisted.

That will mean all three new signings figuring - a second Glens debut for John McGuigan, back from Warrenpoint Town, and first starts for Daniel Kelly, recruited from Carrick Rangers, and Corey McMullan, from Ballyclare Comrades.

Steven Gordon will also play five weeks after breaking his jaw at Dungannon but probably as a sub.

Glentoran trained yesterday at Detroit's modest Keyworth Stadium on a patchy artificial surface but Haveron refused to make an issue of the pitch.

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