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Stewart relishes host of new challenges with Swindon


It's early days for Jordan Stewart at Swindon Town

It's early days for Jordan Stewart at Swindon Town

It's early days for Jordan Stewart at Swindon Town

Jordan Stewart, his agent Lee Mudd, Glentoran and Swindon Town all breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday when the winger put a frustrating transfer saga to bed.

The 20-year-old put pen to paper in a two-year deal with the League One side and then insisted he can rise to the challenge. He said: "I'm a very attacking player. I like to be on the ball a lot and make things happen. I wouldn't say I lack confidence."

Glentoran will pocket a fee of around £50,000 but the length of time it took to secure the deal frustrated Swindon chairman Lee Power, who stated earlier this week: "There are agents involved and every Tom, Dick and Harry. To be honest with you, it got a bit messy. I don't think it's the lad, I'm not sure about the communication between the agent and the club but it's not very professional."

Stewart's agent Mudd tweeted yesterday: "Listened to some absolute nonsense over the past week, but the goal's been reached!"

Glentoran chairman Stephen Henderson said: "The club is delighted to have completed the transfer of our fourth player to an English full-time club this summer. Clearly Jordan's move is the most high profile and while the transfer was played out in some quarters of the media, Glentoran maintained a confidential and professional approach throughout.

"Everyone at the club is delighted that Jordan has now been given his highly deserved opportunity at a career in full-time football but there is an inevitable sadness that yet another young talent has had to leave these shores to achieve his dream.

"Our sole focus during the negotiations was to achieve the best possible deal for Glentoran Football Club to enable reinvestment within the first-team squad and our academy.

"We wish Jordan every success and our focus remains now with the players currently at the club as they strive to achieve further success on the pitch this season."

Stewart added: "It feels great to be here. I looked out there, the pitch is quality and it's a lovely ground.

"I'm definitely excited to get started.

"I'd like to wish Glentoran all the best but it's time for me to move on and I'm happy to be at Swindon now. I can't wait to get out there, start training, force my way into the team and take it from there."

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