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Irish FA keen to discuss players' concerns over football's return, says President



In action: Coleraine's Eoin Bradley

In action: Coleraine's Eoin Bradley

�INPHO/Brian Little

In action: Coleraine's Eoin Bradley

President David Martin has revealed that the Irish FA are happy to speak to the captains of Irish League clubs about the concerns of players relating to a potential return to football.

Unlike in other leagues in Europe, no direct discussions between footballers and the football authorities here have taken place regarding the resumption of the game.

That has been a disappointment to many players who feel the IFA and Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL) should have been engaging with them, as has been the case between the Premier League in England and captains of top-flight teams.

While Irish League players can talk to their clubs about the ongoing situation, there is a sense amongst some that they have been forgotten about by the powers that be ahead of a possible return to action with health and safety fears in regard to the coronavirus pandemic uppermost in minds.

IFA president Martin has now wisely assured players that their views will be taken into account.

"The Irish FA have a 'Return to Football' draft document and we are hoping to engage with all areas of the game about that and that would include players," said Martin.

"We could do it through any form that the players would suggest. A sensible way to do it may be through the captains of each club where the thoughts and views of the players can be considered."

Martin suggested one possibility, with the help of clubs, was to organise a Zoom call involving the skippers and IFA officials.

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