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Jim Boyce to make dramatic return if Kennedy is axed

Jim Boyce is ready to step in to save the Irish FA from crisis.

The former president last night told the Belfast Telegraph that he is prepared to step into the breach if current association chief Raymond Kennedy is forced out at next month’s council meeting.

Kennedy has come under fire since former chief executive Howard Wells was awarded a substantial six figure sum in an out of court settlement following his sacking in October 2008.

A meeting of the IFA Council was adjourned before Christmas with members demanding answers to questions surrounding the nature of Wells’ sacking and the pay-off, but Kennedy stayed silent.

Kennedy claimed that confidentiality clauses signed by both the association and Wells prevented him from divulging any information, but members agreed to reconvene early next month when it will be clear as to what can and can’t be talked about.

And if those members aren’t satisfied with the answers they get then Kennedy’s position will be in jeopardy — with a return for Boyce in an interim role until June’s AGM the likely outcome if he is ousted.

“If I was asked to come back I would certainly consider it,” said Boyce.

“I have always said that as honourary life president of the Irish FA, if the association ever needed me all they would have to do is ask and I will help in any way I can.”

Any return for Boyce, however, will be a short one.

“I wouldn’t come back full-time as president,” said Boyce.

“I’m not getting any younger and I don’t need the pressure and the hassle that would come with being president again, but I would do the job in the short-term.”

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