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Cliftonville defeat was my fault but referee has to think about his performance too, says Linfield boss David Healy

Linfield manager David Healy says he accepts all the blame for his side's late capitulation at Solitude.

The Blues had been 2-0 ahead with only 10 minutes left to play but ended up going down 3-2 to Cliftonville. Afterwards, Healy said he and his players were "hurting" and, while he accepted culpability for the result, felt that questions should be asked of referee Raymond Hetherington's performance.

Though he wasn't sure his captain Jamie Mulgrew merited any punishment for an alleged kick out at Jaimie McGovern towards the end of the first half, Healy explained: "I'm going to take responsibility and examine what I've done, but I hope other people do the same too. There are people who are paid to be at these games and they need to look back and reflect on the jobs they've done.

"I think the referee has made some very questionable decisions all day long and, for the winning goal, one of my players is fouled and he actually puts the whistle to his lips but then changes his mind and takes it away.

"I've already said that Cliftonville deserved to win but I think that's something the referee needs to think about."

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