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The truth about my nightmare at Swindon



Ordeal: Jordan Stewart

Ordeal: Jordan Stewart

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Ordeal: Jordan Stewart

Dismayed Linfield striker Jordan Stewart has spoken for the first time about his short-lived ordeal in full time football with Swindon Town that ended with him suffering a torrent of social media abuse.

Stewart (22) was mocked by online trolls when he quit the League Two side, shortly after a transfer from Glentoran, supposedly because of homesickness, and caused another storm when he joined rivals Linfield.

But he welcomes the opportunity to put his side of the story in our popular Footballers Lives series today, saying: "I'm glad to do an interview like this because it will give an insight into what really happened. It's easy for people to sit at home, read the newspaper and hammer me on Twitter but they don't understand what happened.

"I just had nowhere to live for the first two or three months, moving to different hotels and carrying two suitcases after training. The club put me in an ex-player's flat and it was disgusting. It hadn't been cleaned and I decided to go home.

"The club could have done a lot more to help me. I wasn't a kid, I was 20-years-old but I had never been away on my own. I didn't know anyone and when you aren't settled in a good home you lose interest.

"The club publicly said they tried to help me but they did very little for me. I quit my job and didn't get a penny from them in a signing on fee. For the first few weeks I needed to borrow money from my mum."


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