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Lisburn Distillery: Wright’s winning focus

Tommy Wright is keen for the actions to speak louder than words after a tempestuous week at Ballyskeagh.

The horrific injury to young defender Andy Devlin in the midweek draw with Ballymena United and the subsequent fall-out with some fans of Wright’s former employers, has largely over-shadowed the importance of today’s visit of Coleraine.

While Devlin is on the road to recovery after the good news that his leg was not broken in the challenge with Nathan Hanley, it is the challenge of keeping the Whites punching above their weight in the loftier heights of the Carling Premiership that is now occupying Wright’s mind.

“We’re concentrating on Coleraine, that’s all we can do,” he said. “I said my piece on Tuesday night, I wasn’t happy with some of the things I heard when the young lad was lying on the pitch but there’s a misconception that I was tarring every Ballymena supporter with that.

“There were a few mindless people, who I’m sure Ballymena don’t want tarnishing their name.

“But we’re moving on, it’s not something that’s going to hang over for the rest of the season or my relationship with people I know in Ballymena.

“I’d like to thank the young lad Hanley, who went up to the hospital to see Andy. Albert Watson rang me to see how he was and a few Ballymena supporters contacted me as well.”

The Whites are on a good unbeaten run at the moment and Wright is keen to turn draws into wins with Coleraine one of the clubs desperately trying to close the gap on the top six.

“Games with Coleraine have always been good and I’m looking forward to it,” he added.

“It’s another challenge, it’s getting so tight in around the top six, and the middle of the table is bunching up so much there really is no margin for error.

“When you are playing well get as many points as possible. We’re five or six unbeaten, but we had a couple of draws and we want to get back to winning ways.

“But Coleraine have picked up some good points recently and because it’s a 12-team league with a couple of wins you can be up into the top four.

“David Platt has been able to invest in the team and bring in some good players, and Leon Knight is the perfect example.

“Then there’s David Scullion and David Ogilby, all good signings, so they have a very good squad.”

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