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Patterson playing it cool at Cliftonville

Eddie Patterson says he wants his Cliftonville players to keep a cool head while the title race hots up.

The Reds were involved in an explosive north-Belfast derby on Boxing Day when five players plus Crusaders boss Stephen Baxter were sent-off by referee Adrian McCourt.

The Crues had four players red carded in a stormy second-half along with Reds’ midfielder Ryan Catney.

There was also a post match scuffle outside the away dressing room and McCourt claimed his dressing room door was damaged.

As the season unravels managers and players will come under more pressure to get results, but Patterson wants his men to keep their discipline when temperatures rise.

“We all have to watch what we say and what we do,” he said. “I was disappointed with the comment made about Cliftonville players getting away with blue murder (by Stephen Baxter). I got a copy of the game and I don’t think there was one challenge Cliftonville put in which was way above illegal.

“I was disappointed in that, but I can understand comments can come about from frustration. Sometimes we don’t think and I put myself in the same bracket. Our players need to stay disciplined and not get distracted in games.”

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