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'On what planet do they think it's good for players?': Portadown boss Matthew Tipton blasts protocols keeping players outside at half-time



Portadown manager Matthew Tipton.

Portadown manager Matthew Tipton.

Freddie Parkinson

Portadown manager Matthew Tipton.

Portadown boss Matthew Tipton fears that there will be a spate of injuries through the winter months unless player welfare is considered alongside coronavirus protocols.

Fully in support of the current Covid-19 safety guidelines after being among a number of Portadown personnel struck down by the virus during November, Tipton is calling for more understanding of the potential knock-on effect that certain measures can have.

The Shamrock Park boss was stunned when told 15 minutes before the kick off of Saturday’s goalless draw with Ballymena United that he couldn’t take his players into the dressing room at half-time.

Regulations regarding the use of dressing rooms appear to be inconsistent, and Tipton — who conducted his interval team talk in the empty away stand —  is adamant that players must be protected as winter hits.

 “We can’t have people sitting in the stand because their core body temperature is going down and then we’re going to pick up muscle injuries,” he said.

“I’m sure someone is going to come to me with a tight hamstring before the match against Dungannon because they’ve been sitting in the stand. That’s not ideal. Your body temperature is way up after playing for 45 minutes and it’s wrong.

“You can’t tell me that there is any science behind players not being allowed inside for 10 minutes, socially distanced.

“On what planet do they think that it’s good for players to sit outside in that cold weather?

“It’s not on my planet and it’s wrong.

“There is no science behind it, certainly there is no football science behind it because the football science says you go in.

“I’ve watched other matches and they’ve gone in at half-time. We went in at Cliftonville last week.

“I need facts. They have no science and I can hit them with facts.”

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