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Special K serves up a treat for Ballymena against Linfield

By Billy Weir

If things had worked out differently during the summer, Kevin Kelbie and Glenn Ferguson could have been lining up together in the blue of Linfield at the Ballymena Showgrounds on Saturday.

The conclusion David Jeffrey wanted never materialised and as always seems to be the way in football, it came back to bite him.

Kelbie scored two wonderful goals on a day of firsts at Warden Street.

It was the home side’s first league win under Roy Walker, while it consigned Linfield to a first league defeat of the campaign.

No-one came closer than Ferguson to turning the game on its head when he smacked the crossbar in the early stages but once Kelbie had hammered home his first from the edge of the area on the half-hour mark there was little to choose between the sides.

His second, two minutes from time, was the icing on the cake and when Ferguson, a man who knows a thing or two about goals, is impressed then you know you’re doing something right.

“Over the whole game I felt we deserved something from it. We hit the woodwork twice, and their keeper (Alan Blayney) has probably had the best game he’s had all season.

“But they were two great goals from Kevin, although whether he meant the first one only he will know, but the second was a great finish.

“It’s good to see Roy getting a result because I’ve always found him a nice man, but unfortunately it’s against us.

“It’s irrelevant whether he could have been playing for us. He could have played and we could still have lost 2-0.

“Nobody knows what might have happened, but he scored the two goals and he’ll be the headline maker.

“He has a natural instinct for goal and if he meant the first one fair play to him. I remember Ronaldinho scoring a toe-poke against Chelsea and everybody was raving about it.

“The second was a great finish and proves he’s not just a six-yard or 18-yard predator, he can score from outside the box.”

As for the headline maker, he revealed afterwards that he did indeed mean the first goal and shared his trade secrets - he melted it!

“I had a dream last night that I was going to score the winner just because of all that happened during the summer,” he smiled.

“I’ve got to put that past me. I want to play football and score goals.

“The first goal I picked up the ball down the left and played it back and when Neil Teggart laid if off I could only get my toe to it and melted it.

“There was maybe a wee stroke of luck with that and for the second Michael Ward played me in, I had time to take a touch and saw the top corner of the bag was open and I bent it in.”

“If I get chances I know I’ll score.”

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