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Five up front - Joel Cooper

Joel Cooper, Ballyclare Comrades


I used to get called mini-me, but thankfully no-one calls me that at Ballyclare. Hopefully it stays that way!


Worst dress sense at your club?

He isn't going to like me saying this, but Simon Magowan. It's hard to describe, but it's not my style at all - let's just say it's a bit different...


Biggest joker?

Simon Magowan again. During meetings and training sessions, it is him who comes off with the funny comments and does all the raking.


Pre-match meal?

A chicken tikka sandwich from the Ashes bakery in Ballyclare. I only have to say "the usual" to the wee girl behind the counter these days!


Post-match pints?

The Sportsman's Inn, just across the road from the club. Southern Comfort and lemonade if we win, vodka and coke if we lose.

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