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Local Wags - Briege Caldwell


Briege Caldwell

Briege Caldwell

Briege Caldwell

This week's Wag is Briege Caldwell

Who’s yer man?  
Barry Baggley, Immaculata 

Is he any good?
Yes he is good. I don’t think he’s as good as he used to be though. He’s slowing down in his later years... he is 33, but I think he reckons he’s still 23.  

His worst habit?
He always thinks he is right, and never admits when he is wrong. In fairness though, he is right about 65 per cent of the time.

His best quality?
He is very positive. I always look at the glass half empty, so it’s good that he always sees it half full.

Sexiest footballer around?
Definitely not Ronaldo. I’ll have to say David Beckham.

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