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Local Wags - Janelle Boyd

This week's Wag is Janelle Boyd

Who's yer man?

Kurtis Hanna, Groomsport

Is he any good?

I don't really go to any of the matches, but when I do get to see him, he's ok. He always comes home tired from his game, so I know he does a fair bit of running out on the pitch!

His worst habit?

He always leaves his work trousers over the chair or lying about the place. He works in maintenance, so they can get quite smelly.

His best quality?

He is really generous and kind. He always thinks about others and gets me (and his mum) flowers every now and then!

Sexiest footballer around?

I don't watch much football, and I know he doesn't play any more, but I'd have to say David Beckham. He's just so nice and a good dad too, which is always attractive.

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