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Local Wags - Leigh McNamee


Leigh McNamee

Leigh McNamee

Leigh McNamee

This week's Wag is Leigh McNamee

Who's yer man? 

Darren McNamee, Comber Rec

Is he any good?

In my opinion, he is. Me, and Jayden (7) and Sienna (3) are his biggest fans. We go as often as we can to see him play.

His worst habit?

When you ask him to do something, he says he'll do it, and you come back to him 10 minutes later and he still hasn't done it.

His best quality?

He's a brilliant daddy, and very committed to the three of us.

Sexiest footballer around?

That's easy - David Beckham. He's got everything, and makes everything look cool.

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