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Local Wags - Tina Parkes


Tina Parkes

Tina Parkes

Tina Parkes

This week's Wag is Tina Parkes

Who’s yer man? 
Barry Bonnes, Ballykeel FC

Is he any good?
Yes, well, at least he thinks he is. I would go to see him a few times in the warmer weather, and I suppose he is pretty fast and strong too.

His worst habit?
Biting his nails... though he doesn’t leave them lying around at least, so that’s something.

His best quality?

He’s a good daddy. He spends a lot of time with Sophia, and is a real family man when it comes down to it.

Sexiest footballer around?
Cristiano Ronaldo, because he is tall dark and handsome. Then again, so is Barry.

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