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Walker looking forward to good times at Ballymena United

Roy Walker has hit back at claims that Ballymena United are in financial trouble by saying “our demise has been grossly overstated”.

Carling Premeirship clubs are operating in a difficult financial climate but Walker says the Sky Blues aren’t about to go out of business.

“We are like any other club in the sense that we have to cut our cloth but the demise of Ballymena United has been grossly overstated,” he said.

“Clubs may be experiencing tough times but they are challenging times and I prefer to adopt a glass half full approach.

“There are too many good people around Ballymena United for the club to disappear. Life will go on here and the club will go on. It’s a case of cutting our cloth and reducing overheads.”

Walker would like to do some business in the transfer window but he knows it is a difficult time to recruit fresh talent.

“I would like to see a more transparent attitude from clubs with regard to the window,” he added. “ If clubs are totally honest they would probably like to see many players leave their clubs. If you have 26 players you are paying out 26 wage packets which is a lot.

“You cannot live that way. I know players want to come to Ballymena United but making room for them is another task.

“I know there is some speculation about Kevin (Kelbie) but there has never been an offer and I always want managers to come through the front door and talk to me if they are interested. I’d love an end to any mischief making.”

United host in form Cliftonville this afternoon.

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