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Warren Feeney: We should all cut referees some slack

By Staff Reporter

Warren Feeney is no different than any other manager - he will end up having a verbal disagreement with the officials this season.

All bosses feel the pressure but a Linfield manager is always expected to mastermind results and the former Northern Ireland striker knows he's expected to net a major prize in the coming months.

When tempers boil over, managers can take out their frustration on referees and Feeney understands they are often in the firing line. However, the former Bournemouth and Luton Town man says the men in the middle face a very demanding task and he argues we should cut them some slack.

"I think we should all recognise that the referees have a very difficult job to do," said the Blues boss.

"I'm the first to hold my hands up and admit it when I get frustrated after I've done something wrong.

"Refs are human and will make mistakes but they are watched from all angles and when they get something wrong it is highlighted.

"It's a really hard job, that's the bottom line and sometimes we should remember that.

"It's impossible for them to keep everyone happy and we should help them whenever we can. If we can give them confidence then I'm sure they can do an even better job.

"We all get frustrated sometimes and may do things we regret but referees are under pressure as well and they are doing their best in a difficult climate, with people quick to have a negative opinion."

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